information for visitors

We are a 60 acre organic farm located about 50 miles north of San Diego in southern California. We have thousands of fruit trees including avocados, grapefruits, and persimmons along with a small amount of more exotic fruit trees. We garden 6 acres of row crops where we tend to specialize in greens like Kale, Collards, Rainbow chard and lettuces. We grow many other types of vegetables as well.

We have Cows, Goats and chickens. We care for them and they provide us with milk and eggs.... We also have 3 nice ponds on the property, and it's so refreshing to jump in for a swim after a day of hard work.

Our farm is run by a community and we like to do many things together. We aim towards sustainability in our relationships with one another, and agriculturally. Being relinked to our creator helps us stay together, and thus we are a thankful people. We have a rich social life here, and we do work hard. We love visitors, and we are happy to share our experience here with you. It's nice to be here, probably better then you can imagine. The mist often covers the farm in the morning as we gather to share our thanks, and then pull the weeds together, etc. The sun smiles upon us and scatters the mist, giving way to beautiful skies. The people are beautiful as well, coming from different walks of life, yet having this in common.... we need one another.
We simply expect wwoofers to work with us through the day, and to participate in our social times of gathering and eating, etc. The farm is peaceful, situated towards the end of a quiet dirt road. It's a wonderful place to be close to nature....

Please call or write with any further questions....thanks


For more information contact us.

12458 Keys Creek Rd.

Valley Center, CA 92082

(760) 742-8953